• Published on November 8, 2017
  • Q         Will I get an offer for all the courses I applied for through QTAC?

    A         No.  You will only receive one offer for your highest eligible course.  Therefore, it is essential to order your courses according to your preference, putting the course you most want first.

    Q         Will I get a letter in the mail from QTAC with my offer on it?

    A         No.  QTAC will notify you by email or SMS if you have an offer.  You need to log on to your application on the QTAC website for details of your offer and to respond to your offer.  Because there are many offer-round dates (see Course offer dates), you must monitor your emails regularly.

    Q         What do I have to do when I receive an offer?

    A         You must respond to QTAC by the due date.  You usually have four days to respond.  If you don’t respond by the due date, your offer will lapse, and your application will become inactive.  When you respond to your offer, you have two main options:

    • Make an outright acceptance, deferment or rejection OR
    • Conditionally accept, defer or reject your offer so you can be considered for higher preferences in future offer rounds.

    See more information about responding on the Offers page on the QTAC website.

    Q         Is there anything I can do if I don’t respond to an offer by the due date?

    A         Yes.  Contact QTAC immediately.  QTAC may be able to reinstate your offer.

    Q         What happens after I have accepted an offer of a course place?

    A         You enrol at your institution by the due date.  Most institutions will have an ‘Enrol here’ link on the QTAC website.  If there’s no enrolment link, your university will contact you directly.

    Q         I have applied for courses that start in Semester One and Semester Two 2018 on my QTAC application.  Is this OK?

    A         Yes, if the Semester One courses are listed before the Semester Two courses.  However, a better strategy is to put only Semester One courses on your application in the first instance.  After the major offer-round for Semester One courses on 16 January 2018, you can put Semester Two courses on your application if you have not received your preferred offer.

    Q         What should I do if I don’t get an offer?

    A         First check your application on the QTAC website.  You may be ineligible for the courses you applied for.  This will be indicated on the Preferences page of your application beside each course preference.  Reasons for not receiving an offer may include:

    • Quota restrictions (that is, your OP/rank did not meet the cut-off)
    • Failure to satisfy minimum entry requirements (prerequisite subjects, audition, etc.)
    • Failure to pay QTAC processing charges
    • Preferencing your courses incorrectly (e.g. putting semester two courses before semester one courses; not including a ‘good’ pathways option for your 5th and 6th preferences)
    • Applying after the due date for the offer-round
    • Not submitting required documents
    • Not responding to an earlier offer.

    If you were ineligible for the courses you applied for, you can change your course preferences for consideration in any subsequent offer-round if further offers are made.  QTAC usually publishes remaining course vacancies on its website after a major offer-round.  You can also contact QTAC by phone, email or Facebook for advice.

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