Student film director soars

  • Published on August 23, 2019
  • Since joining Indooroopilly State High School from South Korea a little over a year ago, James Park has made his dream of writing and directing films a reality.

    James, a high-achieving Year 12 student in Film, Television and New Media, recently won a student journalism competition run by The University of Melbourne Aspiring Scholars Program.

    He was flown to Melbourne last weekend to provide live video coverage of the university’s Open Day on Sunday, giving its Aspiring Scholars community a taste of campus life.

    Indooroopilly State High School Year 12 student James Park.
    Indooroopilly State High School Year 12 student James Park.

    James has also been scripting and directing short films for national festival competitions as he contemplates his path at uni next year.“I really want to become a film director, but at the same time, I also enjoy Economics,” James said.

    “I’m trying to decide right now whether to study Economics or Film, and it’s really hard because I really want to do both.

    “I’ve loved telling stories since I was a kid. Growing up, I was really into stage plays, then I kind of transitioned from that into film.”

    James attended school on the Gold Coast from Years 1 to 5 while his father, Byung Hoon Park, pursued his career as a professional triathlete.

    After more than 20 years of competing at elite level, during which he broke Asia’s Ironman record and numerous other records, Mr Park retired and came back to Australia mid-last year as a coach.

    Upon the family’s return to Australia, James was keen to study Film, a subject not available at the international school he attended in South Korea.

    “A lot of the projects I used to work on with my friends would have to be completely independent,” he said.

    “Here at Indooroopilly we have great teachers and we also have school cameras and school equipment that we can borrow.

    “In terms of the support, it’s light years ahead of anywhere else I’ve been.”

    James has created and directed a film called Animals for the STUFFit Student Film Festival, the shortlist for which is due to be announced this month.

    “It was done with the help of students and members of Media Arts Production,” he says.

    “Without them, it would have been really hard to do, especially since I went into the festival two weeks before the deadline. We had to pump it out, and considering that, I’m pretty happy with the result in such a short timespan.”

    James has also scripted a short film he plans to submit to BUFTA (Bond University Film and Television Awards) in September.

    Indro’s Head of The Arts, Tammy Gilmore, said James filmed this year’s school musical, was part of the Media Arts Production Team who completed media-related tasks for the school, and was a high-achieving student across the board.

    “This is a very exciting achievement for James.  He is heavily involved in all things film and wants to pursue it in the future,” Ms Gilmore said.

    One of his projects as part of Indro’s Media Arts Production Team was editing a video on Ludo, the school’s much-loved therapy dog, for the Integrated Student Support Department.

    James says with the school’s under-construction Innovation and Design Centre to feature a film and media production studio, it’s an exciting time for students of Film, Television and New Media at Indro.

    “If anyone’s reading this, join Film because I think it’ll be the best time as they’ll be in the new studio that’s being created for next year,” he said.

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