Book Week

  • Published on November 24, 2016
  • Story Time in the Library

    Each year in August the Library participates in Book Week celebrations. As the name might suggest this is a week long celebration. The theme changes each year – 2016 had the theme ‘Australia, Story Country.’ With this theme it was an opportunity to revisit some past Book Week posters.

    We begin our celebrations with a ‘Story Time in the Library’ event with senior students live reading the nominated picture books. We often have a full house and this year was no different. The live reading attracts students from all grades as well as staff members.  The live reading supports the in house ‘Vote.’ Our students fill in vote cards and attempt to get the first place and honours books in the same order as the professional judges.

    The week continued with different celebrations daily. This year we had the first illustrated cover competition which required students to reimagine one of four well known picture book covers. We had many wonderful entries.

    Harry Potter Event

    The most attended and highly anticipated event of the week was the Harry Potter Trivia Event! There were a significant number of teams who signed up to compete for first place. Teams were assigned their house at random and fought hard to win the House Cup.

    In the end a Year 10 Slytherine team took out the championship and Hufflepuff took home the House Cup.

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