2020 Indro Study Tours

  • Published on August 8, 2019
  • In 2020, Indro students will embark on Study Tours to the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Italy and Spain.

    The tours offer experiences that broaden students’ cultural understanding and connect their fields of study to the global perspective.

    They are also valuable opportunities for personal development and bonding with their peers.

    While bookings for some tours have closed or are about to close, others are open or will open for expressions of interest later this term or early next term. Others may still have limited places available.


    space museum
    Indooroopilly SHS Aerospace and STEM USA Tour 2020. Photo by Jamie McInall


    Taking off in the 2020 September school holidays


    The tour provides an opportunity for Aerospace and STEM students to link their learning in the classroom with state-of-the-art, real world experience as they visit four states and four major cities.


    In Orlando an experienced Astronaut will give students a guided tour of the Kennedy Space Centre and they will visit world famous universal studios to participate in a STEM workshop.

    Students then fly to Washington DC where they will spend a day exploring the Smithsonian museums, and receive a guided tour of the Udvar Hazy Centre (the National Air and Space Museum). Students can put their sports caps on as they attend a Professional sports game, yet to be decided.

    Next stop is Boston, where students will visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for an exciting STEM workshop and follow the Boston Freedom trail for the day.

    The final destination is New York City. Students will learn about the history of New York when visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial and the Empire State Building.

    The Aerospace and STEM USA tour will be a fun-filled 14-day trip, full of exciting learning opportunities with plenty of sightseeing and exploring.


    Limited spaces available. $550 deposit. Final cost to be determined ($6500-7000)

    Contact: Matt Reid, Head of Department – Partnerships, Digital Learning, Aerospace and Aviation, mreid44@eq.edu.au


    Students at Universal Studios, Singapore
    Indooroopilly SHS students at Universal Studios in Singapore in 2018.


    25-30 June (Thursday and Friday of week 10 of Term 2 and Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the June school holidays) 


    The Arts Critics Tour allows students to access a range of Music, Film, Dance, Drama and Visual Art experiences in a thriving international city. The tour also provides opportunities for students to build stronger relationships with one another and with their teachers. Students will expand their 21st century skills, build confidence, develop a global awareness, practise independence and deepen their Contemporary Arts knowledge across all subjects. They will use their experiences to inform their curriculum work back in the classroom.


    Students will participate in five days of Arts-related activities including, but not limited to, workshops with Singapore School of the Arts, trip to Universal Studios on Sentosa Island, Broadway show at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, market and street art tours, Singapore National Gallery tour, local independent performances and international film screenings.  They will also experience the Singaporean culture through a study of its history, architecture, landscaping, food and people.


    The tour is available to any Year 11 and 12 student studying an Arts subject in 2020.

    Cost: Approximately $2500.

    Information evening held end of Term 3, 2019. Bookings and a $200 deposit will be taken early Term 4. Instalments taken during term 1, 2020. Final payments due early May, 2020.

    Contact: Tammy Gilmore, Head of Department – The Arts, tgilm14@eq.edu.au

    Download: Singapore 2020 Arts Critics Tour Application


    The Coliseum, Italy
    Indooroopilly SHS Social Sciences International Study Tour 2020, Italy and Germany. Photo by Anastasia Zhenina


    Germany and Italy
    Friday 3 April to Sunday 19 April 2020


    This tour will provide students with a practical application of the curriculum concepts studied in the senior subjects of Ancient History, Modern History, Geography and Economics. Their Years 11 and 12 curriculum areas will come alive!


    Students will visit the German cities of Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin and the Italian cities of Rome, Naples, Sorrento and Pompeii. Highlights of the tour will be the walking tours conducted in each city as well as the world renowned museums, and sites of significant cultural and historical value they will visit. This will include (but are not restricted to) the Nuremberg Rally Grounds and Documentation Centre, Dachau Concentration Camp, the Holocaust Memorial, Neues Museum, Roman Forum and Colosseum, and Pompeii. Further to these experiences, students will engage with cultural activities such as pasta cooking classes in Rome and a visit to the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine in the Bavarian Alps.


    Bookings close on 9 August for students in Year 10 who will be taking a Social Sciences subject in 2020 or who are currently taking a Social Sciences subject in Year 10. A deposit of $600 is required. Students in Year 11 who are still interested are welcome to contact Monica Wood.

    Cost: Approximately $5900

    Contact: Monica Wood, Head of Department – Social Science, mwood89@eq.edu.au



    Indooroopilly SHS English Tour 2020. Photo by Dominika Gregusova


    London and Stratford-upon-Avon
    April 3 – 21 2020


    The tour will provide a wonderful opportunity for Senior English students to link their classroom knowledge in English to real life historical and literary experiences in London and Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.


    The English tour will be 15 days, with the first nine days in London followed by six days in Stratford-upon-Avon. In London, students will visit many major attractions including the London Eye, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, Art Galleries, Museums, the Borough, Camden, Portobello Road markets and Madame Tussauds. Further educational experiences will be gained by visits to the Globe Theatre for a tour and workshop as well as dedicated Blue Badge literary guide walks around some of the haunts of London’s most famous literary figures. A packed evening schedule of world-class musicals and theatre performances will also be a highlight of the tour. The tour party will stay at the Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage while in London.

    The last six days will be in the picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon, a 90-minute drive north of London, where the tour party will be accommodated at the wonderfully restored Georgian Mansion Hemmingford House. Whilst in Stratford students will enjoy two magnificent Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre performances as well as a special workshop with the RSC actors. Visits to Warwick Castle, Oxford and the Cotswolds and Bath will ensure our students immerse themselves in the local culture and history. A trip to the UK would be incomplete without a full-blown Harry Potter experience and on the final day of tour, we will visit the Harry Potter Studio at Watford to enjoy Butter Beer, and participate in all our favourite Harry Potter experiences. The 2020 UK English Tour will undoubtedly be a Tour de Force of epic proportions.


    Cost: $5250

    Payment Schedule:
    Deposits have been paid and the following remaining payment schedule is required.

    Payment 2:         $1000    29/7/2019

    Payment 3:         $1000    16/9/2019

    Payment 4:         $1000    11/11/2019

    Payment 5:         $1250    3/2/2019

    Contact:  Geoffrey Marriott, English Teacher, gmarr6@eq.edu.au


    Salamanca, Spain
    Indooroopilly SHS Salamanca Study Tour 2020. Photo by Brianna Laugher


    Year 11 and 12 Spanish Students
    18 September to 4 October, 2020


    Students in Years 11 and 12 studying Spanish have the opportunity to travel to Salamanca, Spain, to partake in immersive language classes and cultural experiences related to their Spanish study.


    Students will attend daily language classes along with sightseeing in Salamanca and its surroundings. Students will have up to five hours of immersion-style language classes each day from Monday to Friday at Lingua Globe Academy, Salamanca. Cooking classes, walking and bicycle tours and dance classes complement the focus on language development, and students will have the opportunity to visit surrounding tourist attractions and take advantage of the ancient and modern cultural elements of Spain, side by side.


    The approximate cost is expected to be $4000 per student. The tour costs include airfares, daily school classes, accommodation and meals (tour price excludes spending money, insurance and taxes). Students will stay in homestay arrangements in Salamanca, offering them an authentic Spanish cultural experience. Information on the study tour will be provided in Term 3, 2019, followed by expressions of interest.

    Contact: Jack Treby,­ Head of Department – Languages and Global Connections jtreb6@eq.edu.au


    San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
    Indooroopilly SHS Spanish Immersion Study Tour 2020 to San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Photo by Hans Peter Schaefer



    San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
    18 September to 18 October, 2020


    The Spanish Immersion Study Tour to Spain offers Spanish Immersion students the opportunity to deepen their language learning through an immersive, four-week residential program. They will become part of a traditional Spanish high school, integrating into classes with native speakers and teachers. Housed in a Hogwarts-esque Palace-Monastery-Museum-School dating back to the sixteenth century, this experience is both academically and personally enriching, providing a unique opportunity for students to truly live their language.


    Spain is famous for its tantalising food and amazing culture and students will experience this first hand through an extended in-country immersive tour. Students will live and study in the World Heritage Site of El Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, with 400 years of history dating back to the height of the Spanish Empire.

    Students will apply their advanced language skills as they integrate into the prestigious Colegio Real Alfonso XII, joining classes with local Spanish students and teachers. Students will have an authentic learning and cultural experience, making friendships and memories they will treasure forever.

    On afternoons and weekends students will explore the surrounding areas, visiting Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Ávila, uncovering the best of what Spain has to offer.


    The approximate cost is expected to be $7000 per student. The tour costs include airfares, daily school classes, accommodation and meals at the Monastery, along with cultural talks, weekend excursions and sightseeing in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Ávila (tour price excludes spending money, insurance and taxes). Information on the study tour will be provided in Term 3, 2019, followed by expressions of interest.

    Contact: Jack Treby,­ Head of Department – Languages and Global Connections jtreb6@eq.edu.au


    2020 Indro Ski Trip. Photo by Daniel Pokorny


    Destination to be advised (Perisher or New Zealand)
    Tentative date: First week of September school holidays, 2020.


    Balancing schoolwork with extra-curricular activities ensures that students maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as developing skills such as time management, organisation, and strategic thinking. These skills are then immediately transferable to the classroom and lead to improved learning outcomes. Ski Trips create an environment that promotes the learning of valuable lessons and skills that students carry with them throughout their lives.

    Friendships –Building new friendships across year levels and strengthening existing friendships is a primary goal of Ski Trip.

    Resilience & Leadership – Placing students in a situation out of the ordinary and giving them the opportunity to travel away from home, gives them room to grow and take responsibility for their choices. They learn that their choices affect others and that they can have a strong positive impact on others by the way they behave. Treating others with compassion but showing assertiveness are traits modelled by teachers and encouraged in students.

    Health and fitness – Snowsports are physical activities and students learn the benefit of commitment and dedication in the physical preparation for Ski Trip. This helps promote positive attitudes about physical activity, which in turn benefits their health and physical development.

    Persistence and confidence – The slopes provide the perfect opportunity for students to conquer their fears, achieve success through persistence, and grow in confidence throughout the trip. This teaches students the value of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Celebrating these victories with other students creates a strong bond and community spirit within the group that can last for years.

    Fun – For us Queenslanders, just being around snow is a novelty and skiing and snowboarding is fun.


    Details of the trip will be finalised and expressions of interest sought early next term.

    Contact: Jeremy Anderson, Head of Department ­– Health and Physical Education and Sport jande161@eq.edu.au

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